In line with the KTA Mobile Communications philosophy of “value worth sharing and giving back to society”, the company takes a central role in its social welfare initiatives in the communities where it operates for the benefit of society at large.

KTA Mobile will implement environmental best practices by determining common capabilities that will make a positive impact in communities, forge strong ties with local leaders, various corporate organizations, institutions, and government agencies to highlight joint development and deployment approaches that will deliver real, long-term benefits to the citizens.
Education is a child’s greatest tool to liberation from poverty, and its benefits cannot be overemphasized. It empowers generations to be more productive and live healthier lives in societies.
In many parts of the world, it’s common for the youth – especially girls – to drop out of school due to financial hardship. Also, the majority of the existing schools in rural areas are poorly furnished, under-resourced, and overcrowded. KTA Mobile will engage with these schools to better understand their needs and address some of this imbalance.

KTA MOBILE is committed to a better tomorrow for all.

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