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who is kta mobile?

Doing only what has value for the mainstream consumers and giving voice to what matters most are the ultimate goals of KTA Mobile. KTA Mobile Communications, Inc. is a mobile device company based in New York City, USA. Our main focus is to design and develop efficient, user-friendly, and affordable handsets that meet and exceed clients’ mobile life experiences. This reflects our unique point of view, our passion, and commitment to creating value for all.

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KTA Mobile takes the consumer through every stage of innovation for a higher quality product. We are driven to create products that make communications easier, better, and cheaper for all. For these reasons, a significant amount of time is put into getting the right products to consumers. Our phones come unlocked with Android operating system. They are carefully built with longer battery life, better storage, faster more efficient, high-definition display, clear video and audio, sharp vibrant cameras, and advanced MediaTek chipsets beautifully housed in a sleek case for easy handling. We believe in pushing the limits, challenging the norms, and offering the best mobile solutions for end-users.

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